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Toddler beds  called also  junior beds are our area of interest from long time, we supply quality products in affordable   prices.   We are able to do that  because  we joined our  experience in wood working  with newest   wood working machines  and technology,  but we could not  be  able to  go this far without  the most  important  which is  our passion for  woodworking and manufacturing  quality products.


First step is  always the idea. The hardest  thing is  to create  something real    just from a picture  in our  head.

Key Elements

Main  key element for us is to create product  which will be  useful, stylish and  as simple as possible to lower the cost of production. After numerous  ideas we choose the top of the line for production. After   2  years from lunching  we are sure  now  that  our products are exactly  what our  clients  were looking for.


We always   try to find  a golden point  exactly in the middle of   price – quality – functionality  triangle.

Your move

And now   it is  Your move to  give us  feedback   about  our work. We are very  happy  for every opinion  we are recived and  we really thank You for  that, it helped us a lot in improving  our   products.


Our products are made   from only Polish pine wood  or quality Polish   MDF, Chipboard.

We  use  pine wood slats for the beds  to give You  maximum  security.

Lacquer which  we use for  painting is made in Germany  with  certificates approving it for  using on toys and baby  furniture.



As You see we care about  finish of  our goods…

Fully responsible  manufacturer.

Our  goal is not just to sell You our products, we know that   the purpose of  buying is  using  our products as long as possible and  require . That is  why our  products not only look nice, they are also solid, strong and   they were tasted for   long  using. We know it`s hard to find  a   best compromise  between the  quality and the price. It will  require   lots of time and   a lots  of feedback from  users, so from You to create a best product, but we think it is a step in good  direction. We are sure that our products will be using long and without  the  problems   and   that You will be  satisfied from  quality and durability of  our  items.

Top sellers - Camilla natural !

Camilla 140×70   is   unique  compromise between  stylish design and  functionality,  it`s the best choice in terms  of   bed  for  a   children.  And  we really   like the  design  of  it .

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Top seller - Stanley white !

Stanley is more  traditional  bed, very stable  and   not easy to  damage.

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